PRINTS: Here are some high quality printers








CARDS: Let me help you with your birth announcements or holiday cards! Here are a few things to help you start and I am happy to provide as much help as you would like along the way

First, I am happy to help you select the best photo and card to go along with it.  I will most always suggest to clients that they use ONE photo on their card.  I believe in impact and using one photo gives the greatest impact

Second, your vendor DOES matter. I will be completely honest I know Tiny Prints and Minted are easy and cost effective but your card will not look as good. The color of the image may very well likely come out distorted and the photo will not be crisp. 

Your photo will always look the best if printed as a photo and pasted onto the card.  This, I know, takes time and is not the most desired project J 

Here are some of the vendors I suggest using for cards:


GEORGETOWN PAPERIE, Kathleen Jenkins: or 202.841.8088

I have used her for the past two years and Kathleen is creative, fun and a JOY to work with.  The best locale choice in DC for customized, high end, beautiful cards. Kathleen will work directly with you and your photo to come up with the best card for the photo. She will do both a “paste the photo on” card as well as a printed card.

DABNEY LEE2017 Holiday Look Book and she does custom as well

SUGAR PAPER: Luxurious, gorgeous, & thick custom cards. Never seen one that has not blown me out of the water.

ARTIFACT UPRISING: Beautiful, high quality and modern. Paper is not thick.

PINHOLE PRESS: The best of the more consumer sites.



BRAKE INK: Watercolor. DC based.

C Buxton Design: Very unique! I have the book if you are in DC and want to see and feel

THE PRINTERY: The Printery creates classic photo cards which you attach a printed photo to. Their quality and service are outstanding.

MINTED: Minted can be hit and miss and I will just warn you going into it that the phone may not come out with the highest quality.  I have seen some excellent cards produced by them but I have also seen photos print oranger than normal. Hint - pay more for heavier paper! I have a discount code - use the following to get 15% off your order: PHOTOPROCHARVEY.