Did you know that as part of your session fee you are entitled to a consultation on “how to hang it?” Get those photos off your computer and on to your wall!

Need help figuring out how to display your photos? I can help! I can come view your space and provide insight on how you can use your family photos to decorate your space. With the help of an app, I can show you exactly what your photos would look like in your space!

One of the most common mistakes clients make is that they do not use photos that are big enough for their space.  People order an 8x10 thinking it is big, this is what an 8x10 looks like in this room……Way too small!


This is a little better…. WOW! This is stunning…..


Some rooms look great with a photo wall! There are many options for amazing photo walls. I can help you come up with the perfect compilation.