I am so excited to meet you and your new baby in the first 48 hours of his or her life!  These quick hospital sessions are such a sweet time to capture.  

Here are a few ways to prepare and things to think about going into the session:

* As always please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to capture or a prop you would like me to use *


+ These are documentary type sessions. I am there to document your time in the hospital and the details of your new baby in their hospital swaddle and hat! I do not bring props. 

+ Sessions are about 30 - 1 hour. It is a busy time with a lot of people demanding your time. 

+ If the new baby has brother(s) or sister(s) I would love to be there when they meet their new sibling! What an amazing time to be able to capture!


+ Please let the nursing staff know that a photographer will be coming by. That will help the scheduling of the baby's testing and such.

+ It is good to lower the AC prior to the shoot so that the room is nice and cozy for the shoot. This will help keep the baby cozy and sleepy! 

+ Good to have the room clear of personal and hospital stuff as much as possible. I can help you with this when I arrive.

+ If possible feed the baby right before I am expected. But, I am a mom, I know babies need to eat and that is the most important thing at this point in their life.


+ Wearing whatever is comfortable is most important.

+ Mom: Tank top, yoga pants, pretty robe.

+ Dad: Weekend wear - jeans and a shirt

+ Over all: Please no logos and/or busy patterns.

+ Over all: Please no logos and/or busy patterns.