How I started 2015....yes 2015

It has been a disgustingly long time since I blogged (yes I used the word disgusting)...I love this blog and feel so sad for its neglect. Esp, since I have so much to share! I have to say, Instagram is such a quick easy way to send updates I have been much more dedicated to that over the past few months....since I can do that from bed, ha!


What a busy year this was.  I am aiming not to glorify "busy" in my life...but my excuse for not blogging so much was because of all the time I spent shooting and focusing on my clients!  So, can't complain about that. However, I vow to keep my blog updated from here on out.

I wanted to start by sharing how I began 2015....I partnered with an amazing children's store in Georgetown called, Little Birdies to shoot some of their best clients. I got just about 5-10 minutes with each of them and look at their darling faces!

It was so fun! I loved it! I urge you to check out the store - great products and run by the sweetest woman

This Morning! This Baby! | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

I was lucky enough to get to spend the morning with a dear dear old friend. I was almost in tears as I drove to meet her because I couldnt believe after all this time we were getting to be together and what was bring us together was her most beautiful baby. It was so special for me. I was in complete heaven with this baby and her HUGE brown eyes! heaven heaven heaven.....barely any editing, her eyes were this sparkly....and she was this happy!

2014-11-15_0007.jpg 2014-11-15_0001.jpg 2014-11-15_0002.jpg 2014-11-15_0004.jpg 2014-11-15_0010.jpg 2014-11-15_0009.jpg 2014-11-15_0008.jpg 2014-11-15_0006.jpg 2014-11-15_0013.jpg 2014-11-15_0012.jpg

and my favorite from the session 2014-11-15_0011.jpg

A House Full of Beautiful Girls! | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

Babies babies and more babies!! It is always fun and special to get to photograph a friend.....esp a beautiful one (beautiful inside and out). I love photographing siblings so much, it is just such a special dynamic when a toddler lets a baby enter "their" world.....and I love being part of it.

2014-10-03_0009.jpg 2014-10-03_0011.jpg 2014-10-03_0017.jpg 2014-10-03_0015.jpg 2014-10-03_0021.jpg 2014-10-03_0018.jpg 2014-10-03_0019.jpg 2014-10-03_0020.jpg 2014-10-03_0016.jpg 2014-10-03_0013.jpg 2014-10-03_0012.jpg 2014-10-03_0010.jpg

Little Sweet One with a Big Smile | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

This was one of the most fun newborn sessions because this sweet little baby had the most amazing personality and was so animated! From the moment I walked in she was engaging me with her eyes and heart. Loved the camera and just starred at me with her big gorgeous eyes and amazing smile. She is very wise, very happy and very loved.

2014-10-03_0004.jpg 2014-10-03_0006.jpg 2014-10-03_0008.jpg 2014-10-03_0007.jpg 2014-10-03_0005.jpg 2014-10-03_0003.jpg 2014-10-03_0002.jpg 2014-10-03_0001.jpg

I am totally having a baby boom right now and I LOVE it!! Love love love my babies and esp watching them grow year-by-year through yearly shoots. Keep those newborns coming, y'all!