So Glad You Are Here! | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

This was an easy one! Just look at this gorgeous couple and their sweet, perfect newborn boy. I was welcomed with open arms, laughs and love into their sunfilled beautiful historic home. Natural and calm parents right of the bat! You can tell they have command of the situation, are in love and have kept their humor along the way....the baby is one lucky boy (and as always I feel like one lucky photog!)

2014-06-26_0002.jpg 2014-06-26_0007.jpg 2014-06-26_0008.jpg 2014-06-26_0004.jpg 2014-06-26_0001.jpg 2014-06-26_0005.jpg 2014-06-26_0006.jpg 2014-06-26_0014.jpg 2014-06-26_0009.jpg 2014-06-26_0010.jpg 2014-06-26_0011.jpg 2014-06-26_0015.jpg 2014-06-26_0016.jpg 2014-06-26_0018.jpg 2014-06-26_0017.jpg 2014-06-26_0020.jpg

Already certain there will be lots of laughs in this house! 2014-06-26_0013.jpg