Oldies are Goodies! | Washington DC Area Family Photographer

...And when I say, oldies, I mean my repeat clients!!! One of my more favorite things each year is to catch up with "my families". Even though I may only see them once a year, it seems as if we just saw each other (....except the kids have a year growth on them!).

This family, one of my all time favorites. We have so much fun when we get together each year. We have gone from crying babies to best friends, I am happy to say. This year was the most fun with these kiddos, we chatted, rode scooters, discovered lots and lots of cool leaves....they are to eat!!!! The kids...not the leaves.....

And you should see the two of them togerher. So sweet, best friends. They even spontanously held hands at one point during the shoot....heat melting.

2013-11-20_0004.jpg 2013-11-20_0002.jpg 2013-11-20_0001.jpg 2013-11-20_0003.jpg 2013-11-20_0005.jpg 2013-11-20_0010.jpg 2013-11-20_0006.jpg 2013-11-20_0008.jpg 2013-11-20_0009.jpg