Newbies Are Awesome! | Washington DC Area Family Photographer

Yesterday on the blog I featured a family I have worked with for 4 years. Today I am featuring a new family. As much as I love my repeat clients I also love getting to know new families!!! When I go to a shoot with a new family I get SO excite because I know I am getting to add to "my family". When I meet a new family there is always something that catches me right a way. With this family it was the gorgeous mama, the amazingly beautiful toddler with stunning eyes, long eyelashes and angelic face, and the sweet daddy caring for his daughter. I was lucky enough to get to shoot this darling girl on her 2nd birthday!!! 2013-11-21_0003.jpg 2013-11-21_0002.jpg 2013-11-21_0006.jpg 2013-11-21_0005.jpg 2013-11-21_0004.jpg 2013-11-21_0007.jpg