I Think I'm In Love | Washington DC Portrait Photographer

I met THE CUTEST family last night. This little boy stole a big chunk of my heart.I don't usually blog this much of a variety of shots for a sneak peak, but I just can't stop! I do believe I even missed an aftershock due to my intense focus on editing..........I know if you know me at all you are laughing at me describing myself as ever having focus, but I think you know when you really love something because you totally lose yourself in it. This is what photography does for me. I am able to concentrate and focus in a way I do with nothing else....It puts me in a "zone"....

I continually fall in love with my subjects....

These cheeks!!!

As my friend Tracy says....."Could you not just eat him????"

Beautiful Mama and baby!

You know....this really just makes me happy...and it's as simple as that!