Cyber Monday Deal For You!

Did you feel completely inundated with deals today? I did. Quite frankly I felt totally overwhelmed, pressured and wanted to delete all the deals in my inbox!  So, then why I am adding to the frenzy?  Because all of a sudden it occurred to me today, when I was thinking of what I was going to get friends and relatives for Christmas, what better a gift than a photo shoot!!! A gift for your husband, your wife, your parents, grandparents to their children, for the engaged couple, for the parents to be!

This week only I will be offering 20% off the Simple Joys package bought as a gift ($1,000 value for $800).  The gift must be used within a year of purchase.  Please contact me for more details.

Happy Holidays and may be be blessed with the spirit of the season - I am getting there!!!  I am still happy from our amazing Thanksgiving with our family in MA. It was just perfect, in every way.