Blogger Blogger....

As I have said before, I really was not that into blogs a year or so ago....I didn't understand them. the purpose. I thought it was odd that people used it as a forum for their ideas and to communicate their opinions. Then I really started reading blogs....and now I am obsessed.  Especially with these certain woman who are  incredibly insightful, thoughtful and smart.  It is amazing how their share their creative wisdom and beauty.  Their thoughts on mothering. I find myself looking forward to their new posts. I look at hundreds of photographers blogs and gain inspiration there (namely Tara Whitney, YanPinkleToes) But these are different (they also happen to share beautiful photos)

71 Toes Rockstar Diaries The Southern Electic

happy blogging & may you find inspiration too


(this is currently the background on my computer and I cant stop staring at it. It makes me SO happy. Isn't it just the most JOY filled photo?  Oh, how I love them, oh how I love them)