Beautiful, Smart & Cool - Headshots of Women | Washington DC Photographer

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot some amazing women lately.  I am really into head shots and LOVE working with adults. It is so interesting since I LOVE working with kids and families.  There is something so different about working with adults, though.  Kids, have no clue how they look, they could care less about what you are doing - you are basically nothing but a nuisance to them..innocence is the amazing part of shooting children....and the connection and love the is amazing thing about shooting families... Adults on the other a acutely aware of how they look and want to look beautiful.  You want to make them look beautiful...but it is really about FEELING beautiful. Here is the latest shoot. I will be posting more and I hope to do more and more head shots.

Most recently I was lucky enough (and so honored) to work with the amazing author Molly Knight Raskin ( I basically never wanted the shoot to end I was having so much fun. She is amazingly beautiful and radiant!