A Late .....Ode to Fathers.... Everywhere

This is my (very) late father's day post. I was having some website issues, so this "Happy Father's Day" post, is rather delayed.  I decided to still post, however, b/c I love these photos so much. Memorial day weekend when we were at the beach. I felt inclined to do them in B&W, even though it was a beautiful evening with the sun setting....they just move me in the B&W.

Double As Sweet! | Washington DC Baby Photographer

These two precious babies were some of the most alert and well behaved I have ever worked with! They knew it was their time to shine and they were perfect little angels. It was so fun working with them and their parents, who were loving and calm, esp for new parents of twins!

I love these black and white ones. The first one might be my favorite from the session. The second, well, the joy just emanates. And the third is slightly out of focus but I think that kind of adds to it and makes it interesting.

I love the ones with Daddy! At the very end of the session they fell asleep and I caught this one in the middle right before I left and I just love love love it.

It's Been So Long

I have been sacrificing photography for the other things in my life and I miss it! The beautiful day today reminds me that spring is right around the corner, and the flowers will come out and the cherry blossoms will be here and we will be in the midst of beautiful weather again - - which usually leads to less stress and more time outside - - and maybe a spring cleaning which will lead to a more organized home - - for now I am just grateful for my precious boys - one big and one little - and the loving family and friends we have around us!

This Time It's Animals | Washington DC Portrait Photographer

A perfect team of brothers, these two are. I was so happy to meet up with this family again. You might remember them from last year. During the shoot last year I heard about trucks - and boy did I learn a lot. This year, the older brother informed me that he was into animals now! It was so cute. He likes fast animals....cheetahs, lions, and he mentioned another one that I have forgotten now - it was one I had never heard of!  I had always been amazed by the intelligence of children, but more now than ever, I appreciate how their intelligence and actions evolve. Right now I am watching our little one figure out how to crawl... he has gone from doing push-ups to plank and down-ward dog (yoga without knowing it!)  and now he is on all fours rocking back and forth...he wants to move he just hasn't figured out he needs to move his arms forward....but each day he is getting closer.  These little boys are so smart and I loved seeing the evolution of their thought and interest.....Last year little brother was just a baby and now he is the one loving trucks and big brother is into animals.....so he told me.  Oh, and look how cute they are......

Deeeeelicious | Washington DC Photographer

I was so excited to meet up with this family again. I had done a shoot with these twins about a year ago...I called them delicious then and I did it now again too.... Without even knowing what I put in last years blog post....I guess that really is the word that comes to me when I think of them.I love their mom too - She is FABulous! I really just have so much fun with them....and you know how I love blue eyes. Look at these faces! I left my favorite for last...I do love this first one, too.....

Cute and Fun | Washington DC Photographer

One of my most fun sessions ever! These guys were so much fun, a very cool brother and sister team. I could have hung out with them all day long! We went for a walk exploring several things and almost ran into a snake (ekkk), went on two different rope swings and ended with some skateboarding!

I love the shots I got....some of my favorites are the ones that aren't quite totally in focus...


What a perfect new little family! This little girl is so beautiful and sweet at just 2 weeks old!I had so much fun during this shoot today....

...we did some dancing.... took a little beauty rest....and played with her "big brother"....He loves giving her kisses - errrrrr - licks.

SNEAK PEEK - Happiest Baby on the Block | Washington DC Children's Photographer

I had the most fun shoot last weekend with this little guy and his parents. I love the photos so much and will post more...but as I was working these stood out as some of the my favorites. They are the sweetest family and this little boy is so happy, enthusiastic, sweet, loving and CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!The lighting was amazing and the grass could not have been greener! Oh and what fun he had in the grass :)

New Nephew - Perfect Boy | Washington DC Baby Photographer

Here is my most perfect nephew. Oh, how I love him. He is 6 days younger than baby H! Cousins that will have so much fun together - I just think of them being mischievous when they are 6....I cant get much beyond that because I look forward to their little giggles when they are hiding something from my sister and me....I am anticipating good old fashion mischievous behavior...little rascals..Dennis the Menace.... Isn't he gorgeous? He was born to beautiful, loving and wonderful parents. A happy family they are....

Very Loved, Very Blue | Washington DC Photographer

This little girl is the youngest of three - All of these girls are beautiful and have the most captivating huge blue blue sparkling eyes!! I hate to single out the baby, but, I just love these shots of her and her mama (beautiful mama, too!)!

Being the youngest she, of course, is very loved. I will post some of her with her big sisters when I finish editing the shoot, but I had to post these now. How sweet is she?

My New Friend | Washington DC Photographer

I have been the worst blogger lately.  Between spring sessions and preparing for baby H...not much extra time or energy. I just have been so taken with my friends new baby!  He is precious. More of him to come, but I had to share this one because I love this one of him and his mommy - I feel like I could stare at it for hours.....

I Heart Faces | Week 13: Dramatic B&W

This week's contest on the I Heart Faces website is "Dramatic B&W". I have been thinking about this particular photo the whole day b/c this photo is just full of happiness, joy and love.

My absolute favorite photographer in the whole world, Tara Whitney, is the judge of the contest this week....I am slightly obsessed with her and stalk her blog...she is an amazing photographer and writer. I think one of the reasons she is such an amazing photographer is b/c she loves people and sees the beauty in everyone...she has a good soul. She inspires me.

Spring Mini-Sessions! | Washington DC Photographer

I am really excited to be announcing my first mini-session date!Please contact me to set up your time and feel free to email/call with any questions. You will find some general Q&A below.

What should we expect from our mini-session? 30-mins of fun! We will play around the garden, smell the flowers, peak in the beautiful gazebo and have a good time. As always with my photos, the sessions are not full of set-up, posed shots. Please feel free to bring your favorite game or activity, a picnic lunch or a yummy snack!

How are mini-sessions different from a full photo shoot? A full photo shoot is usually an hour to two hours in length and I come to you or we decide together on a location. Mini-sessions are held at a specific location and are only 30-mins in length. You receive 10 photos in an online password protected gallery, where as with a full shoot you receive about 40 - 50 in an online password protected gallery. You also get a free 8x10 and two digital prints (of your choice) from a mini-session - great value! As with any session you are able to place orders online and I am happy to provide as much assistance in ordering (and decision making) as you would like

Do you have a limit on how many children or family members can be involved in a mini-session? Families with more than two children will pay an additional $25 per child for a mini-session. If you have more than two children it might be a good idea to book two mini-sessions in a row.

What if it rains or the weather is bad on the day we have scheduled our mini-session? In case of bad weather the mini-sessions will be rescheduled

What should we wear? The most important thing is that you are comfortable and that you can play and sit on the grass comfortably. Bright and deep tones are always a nice choice for clothing. Bright colors like pinks, yellows and blues really pop against the green grass. White and green clothing would not be optimal. Stay away from clothing with logos, big designs and or photos/pictures. Textured fabrics such at denim, knits, linen and eyelet dresses photograph beautifully. I usually tell families not to wear fully matching outfits, coordinating your clothing and colors looks excellent, but not fully matching.

The Happiness Project | Washington DC Photographer

While we were on vacation I picked up the book called, The Happiness Project. It was hailed as similar to Eat, Pray, Love one of my all time favorites, so I thought I would like it. The author, Gretchen Rubin writes about her year of trying to live happier, while not an unhappy person, she just wants to see if she can appreciate life a bit more. Each month she tackles a different aspect of what she thinks brings her happiness. I have really enjoyed reading it and it has inspired me to do some of the same things she does - like organize and de-clutter, act the way you want to feel, take time to be creative and so on. During the book she is working on starting a blog and vows to blog everyday - now there is one I need to adopt! The book and blog might be inspirational to you too! Check it out: http://www.happiness-project.com/

While we are on the top of happiness .....here is one of the things that brings me the most happiness....the mountains. I may live in the city and not get to the mountains a lot....but there is nothing that brings me the same feeling as when I am in the mountains. This photo esp. b/c it is from my amazing engagement weekend in Colorado.