What is the #1 Thing You Should Do When Preparing for Your Family Photo Session?

I have a long write-up I give my clients about how to prepare for their sessions....the question I'm asked the most often is "what should I wear"....but I will tell you a secret, there is really only one important thing you need to do to make it the best photo session ever. 


Just be calm. Don't worry. I am a mom, I have seen it all. I don't care how your house looks, I don't care how your children act.  I know how to deal with it all.... and I know how to pose you to look your best (yes, even you, mom, who just gave birth).

I will assure you, if you are calm and relaxed, your children will behave, you will look beautiful, it will be a happy experience, and you will (even) have fun! I promise you....people walk away from sessions saying it was fun (or sometimes "it was not as bad as I thought it would be" haha....which I actually consider a huge compliment!)

So, just R E L A X.

You do not need to tell you child to look at me. You do not need to tell them to smile. You do not need to re-model and re-decorate your home before I come. You do not need to have a sleepless night before the session.

You do need to sleep. You do need to wake up with a heart full of joy, you do need to kiss and hug your family, you do need to sit back, trust me, and let me be in control. I am here to do the work and you are here to enjoy your family. 

I promise you, you will love the outcome.

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