How to Choose THE Photo

Soon it will be that time of year I love the most -- when cards arrive each day from friends and family and we get to rush to the door to open them with great anticipation. I see holiday cards as mini-gifts. 

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I love opening the cards to see how family, friends and clients have grown and what they have chosen to highlight from their year - - I open envelopes with anticipation, ready for the card that makes me laugh, cry or the photo that just jumps out of the envelope with love. 

Do you want to give this gift to your friends and family? Here are a few tips on putting together your holiday card....

ONE:  What is your favorite family photo from the year?  I bet it is one that makes you happy looking at it because it was a precious moment in a special place. Use this one!


TWO:  Think about what you want to express. I always ask clients, prior to their shoot, what mood they want from their photos? Same with your card. Think about what you are trying to relay from that year - joy, peace, love.  Do you want it to be full of life, silly or serene? There are cards for every mood and your photo can express that as well.

THREE:  Not everyone needs to be looking at the camera! Let’s look at an example…. While the classic holiday card has everyone looking at the camera, I challenge you to dare to expand on that and use something more captivating.  Movement is a fun thing to think about using!

           A standard card photo.......                                                    But, look at how much more fun and engaging this one is! 


FOUR:  Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box!  It doesn't have to be anymore expensive to go custom than it is to get something online from the “big box” companies. A few boutique stationers I would recommend: Georgetown Paperie, DabneyLee, MaisondePapier, BrakeInk, CBuxtonDesigns)

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FIVE: For impact, use one photo. 


SIX:   It will always look better to print your photo and paste it on to the card - - don't be afraid to go old school and spend the extra hour and paste on the photo! The photo itself will be better and the card will be extra special - - remember, think of it as a little gift you are sending your family and friends!



SEVEN:  If you worked with a photographer, ask them for advice. Most photographers, like me, want to discuss the portraits with you and they can help figure out which to select for difference purposes including holiday cards.  This is one of my favorite things to do for my clients!

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Note: This goes for all types of cards - newborn included!