One of the services I offer is to help my clients with printing and displaying their photographs.  A task I love to work on.   

I love helping and advising clients on putting together beautiful gallery walls.  I have software that allows me to take a photo of your space and mock up a gallery wall - this helps you picture how the space would look with photos hung in different frames and in different scenarios. One of the most difficult things to figure out is the size of the photos.  Often people print photos that are too small for the space, so one of the most important aspects of printing and displaying your work is to size it correctly.

There are lots of places today that you can get great ready made frames, like Crate & Barrel Pottery Barn and West Elm.  There are, however, a lot of awesome online options now as well that make custom framing so much easier and more accessible. Ones to check out: Framebridge, Simply Framed & Framed & Matted.

Let me know if I can help you with your display or answer any questions on printing your photographs. Make getting them off your computer a resolution for 2016!