Our photo shoot was a big success and productive. We came away with dozen’s of excellent photos that we wanted to frame and debated several to use for our holiday card. Claire was good at giving us directions without being too pushy. She made us feel at ease which resulted in natural smiles and poses. She was especially skilled at knowing how to get a good photo from our 1 year old son. I would highly recommend her as a family photographer and look forward to employing her again.
I highly recommend Claire for any professional photo you need. My headshot session with her was not only professional, easy and comfortable - it was fun! She made me feel at ease, and her relaxed sensibility, combined with a sharp eye, resulted in just the kind of photos I was hoping for.


HELLO!  Thank you for taking the time to view my site and my portfolio.  I feel lucky to be here today working on my passion with such amazing clients and beautiful people. I love being about to create something that each of you cherish, I love the concept of making people happy and feel beautiful, I believe each one of you is beautiful and has something special you are offering the world!

I picked up a camera when I was eight. I remember coming home from sleep away camp with rolls of film to develop.  Even then it was portraits that I was most interested in.

Much of high school was spent in the photo lab – I can still smell the chemicals. And when there were no more photography classes for me to take, I worked on an indepentdent study, I won an award for one of my photographs at a musreum in Washington DC and then the highlight – an internship at the Christian Science Monitor during my senior year which took me all around DC, most importantly to the White House to photograph then President Bill Clinton, several times.

During college my focus turned from photography to studying and it was not until about 5 years after college that I really came back to the camera and our love affair took on a whole new meaning and depth.

Here I am today.  Working to refine and master this amazing art form.  I hope to work with each of you!


!!!Here I am with my family!!!